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In the early 1980’s, Mark took one of his guitars into a local music shop to have some minor adjustments done and was shocked at how much he was charged. When Mark questioned the owner about the cost, the man told him “If you don’t like what I charge, do it yourself next time.”

Mark left the shop and went straight to the library where he checked out every book he could find on guitar building and repair. During months of studying, he would pick up old, inexpensive, and damaged guitars at garage sales, pawn shops or wherever he could find them and with some basic hand tools and a bunch of desire, he began taking the guitars apart and putting them back together. Over time and with hard work and diligence, he was eventually able to bring instruments that had been broken, unplayable, and worthless, back to life.

Word got out in the local music community about the work Mark was doing on guitars, and soon guitar players from all over began bringing their guitars to him for adjustments and repairs which he did out of his house. Without trying or even knowing about it, Mark had slowly taken almost all the music store owner’s repair business from him. So much so that one day the owner of the music store called Mark and offered to sell him his shop.

Mark bought the shop lock, stock, and barrel for $2500 and in the process, inherited an entire shop full of actual lutherie tools. After a couple years, he found himself not only doing adjustments and repairs, but he had also started building his own guitars and other stringed instruments.

Mark eventually stepped away from his guitar work and began ranching and working horses full time, something he had also done since he was thirteen.

Fast forward 40 years…When the pandemic hit, Mark found himself with some time on his hands and decided to build himself a guitar using wood he had stored away in his garage from his old lutherie days. One guitar turned into two, two turned into building a couple for friends, and that eventually evolved into Longs Peak Guitars.!

Creating Guitars

Price List


Base Prices

Handmade Acoustic Guitars:
D-18 style Dreadnought, 000-18
3A Mahogany/Sitka spruce w/hard shell case
D-28 style Dreadnought, 000-28
3A Indian Rosewood/Sitka Spruce w/hard shell case

Other tonewoods currently available for Drednought (extra cost)*:

Tops - 4A Lutz spruce, 3A Lutz, 3A Redwood, 4A Tunnel Redwood, 3A Carpathian Spruce, 3A Port Orford Cedar, (Torrefied ) 3A Sitka Spruce, 3A Adirondack Spruce. Back/sides - Koa, Bubinga, Madagascar Rosewood, Bloodwood, Granadillo, Black Limba. *Availability can change without notice. Customization, pickups, and custom inlay are also available. Email us for prices and estimates.


Tenor Ukulele w/case:

Walnut/Sitka spruce$365
Mahogany/Sitka spruce$365
Walnut/Adirondack spruce$385
Mahogany/Adirondack spruce$385
Brazilian tigerwood/Sitka Spruce$475
Brazilian tigerwood/Adirondack spruce$500

Electric guitars w/hard shell case:

LP style
Standard Model$1400
Delux Model$1600
Strat style

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Brad Fitch

I've been playing guitar professionally since the late 1970s. Since then, many guitars have come into my hands and use. Of all those, none are so treasured as my Longs Peak Guitar. Mark worked with me on the design and specifications to create a truly one-of-a-kind instrument, which sounds as beautiful as it looks. If you've been searching for a custom-built, handmade instrument at a very reasonable price, I recommend Longs Peak Guitars.

Sarah S.

Beautiful handmade guitar perfectly suited to me. Mark kept me updated throughout the entire process and made customer satisfaction a #1 priority. Could not be happier with this lovely-sounding instrument! I would recommend Longs Peak Guitars to any musician looking to buy a custom guitar.

Bill M
North Carolina

I have had the guitar for several months now and have had a chance for extended play solo and with friends. Simply stated, the aesthetics of this guitar are outstanding and everyone comments on the beauty of the finish. The flame top is a deep and rich red, the construction is solid and feels sturdy. It achieves an impressive impact without excessive flashiness.
I couldn’t be happier with this guitar. I have not and will not compare it to a Gibson Les Paul but I can tell you that I don’t feel a need to acquire one now.


Mark makes an aesthetically beautiful guitar, and has significant experience with wood selection and use. What really matters to me, however, is the way this guitar sounds. There is a wonderful accuracy of the intonation, and fullness of each note at all points on the fretboard. Intentional choices with the scalloped bracing and top thickness seem to allow for a full tonal expression of each note, with clear mids that ride a nice balance of maintaining volume without getting muddy, even with chunkier or more florid chord voicings that I normally feel discouraged to play on dreadnaughts. Mark collaborated with me along the way through the whole build and I felt like my preferences were well-heard.

Drake F.

I can attest that the guitars from Longs Peak Guitars sound great. With the Adirondack top, Madagascar back and sides -- real strong projection, clarity is excellent, depth (bass) is incredible. I'm very pleased, and honored to be an owner of two of your handmade acoustic guitars! Thanks!